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MKT 3350 Introduction to Marketing Syllabus     Spring, 2016

        Readings    Misc


 MKT 3353 Supply Chain Management Syllabus    Summer I, 2014

         Lecture subset       Readings    Vocabulary      Misc    Application Form for GSCM Program


        Marketing Degree with an Emphasis in Global Supply Chain Management          Global Supply Chain Management Brochure

MKT 4356 Brand Management and New Product Development Syllabus  Spring, 2016 

     Lecture subset    Vocabulary    Misc     Project Intro   


IB 4361 International Commerce Syllabus        Spring, 2016

          Exercises    Lecture subset    Readings    Vocabulary    Misc        Enforcement lists        Programs List


MKT 4358 International Marketing Syllabus    Summer II, 2015

          Lecture subset    Readings    Vocabulary    Misc        


Internship form for Marketing, Marketing - Global Supply Chain Emphasis, Marketing - Sales Emphasis, or International Business